Perhaps the peony is of Jeannin, the altea is Quost, but the Sunflower is undoubtedly mine.
(Vincent Van Gogh)


The Sunflower is an elegant and quiet room of this structure. Brass sconces with drops of blue glass purchased in the characteristic grand bazaar of Istanbul, creates a soft and relaxing atmosphere. The ideal place to spend a weekend or a few days on vacation or business in complete relaxation. The bathroom is designed with shades of gray and black as well as having a large mirror and comfortable shower, which can be shared for two, offering you an unforgettable experience.

Our rooms

Camera Rose

The symbol for excellence of love, beauty and perfection, pink remains the immortal expression of romance.
Wide and Bright.
Immersed in pink tones, as lying on soft clouds at sunset, you will live in a sweet and romantic atmosphere.

Camera Calle

Simplicity of refinement and simplicity the calle are elegant and exotic.
Warm and Intimate.
In Calle you will feel pampered in a warm and reassuring atmosphere that will make your stay an unforgettable holiday.

Camera Sunflower

The symbol of joy and loyalty, sunflowers offer their petals to the sky in search of the sun.
Relaxing and Silent.
The tonalities of the blue and the turtle gives it an air of simple elegance that goes well with the silence that surrounds it, giving its guests a sense of well-being and relaxation.

Our services

Private bathroom with shower
Hair dryer
Your own refrigerator
Internet: free Wifi
Safe for your valuables
TV color LCD 26' inch screen satellite
Air Conditioning